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Play with M.E. delivered by POSTECH students

  • Becoming part of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at POSTECH was one of the best choices in my life.

    My name is Jun young, Park. I am a Junior at POSTECH and the president of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Like many other students, I applied to the Department of Mechanical Engineering because I lacked school admission information on POSTECH and I loved touching machines. It is easy to think from the name that the Department of Mechanical Engineering deals with machines including vehicles, but the range that the Department of Mechanical Engineering deals with is immense.

    Although I am a junior at POSTECH, I would say that I don’t know all the fields the Department of Mechanical Engineering handles. There are numerous issues that mechanical engineers are to address: ‘What should be done to build a strong bridge?’ ‘What should be done to improve a vehicle’s efficiency?’ ‘What should be done to make wind much cooler than when supplied by an air conditioner?’ and ‘What should be done to increase a refrigerator’s efficiency?’ The answers to these questions are the reasons why society needs the help of mechanical engineers and mechanical engineers are now treated well.

    I would like to describe the characteristics that the Department of Mechanical Engineering in POSTECH has. First, students receive unstinting support from the department. The department provides a student not only with a laptop for free to improve their academic ability, but also with application fees for English tests. In addition, the department gives us an opportunity to visit universities abroad so that we can be trained as global leaders.

    Second, we talk frequently with our professors. Our school which is known to be elitist designates one advisor for eight or nine students. We can receive wise counsel about various majors from the professors and listen to their wisdom about social life including army issues. They also give us information about research areas when we are ready to go to graduate school. The professors even allow those who want to study more to work in their favorite laboratory with the best learning environment.

    Applying for the Department of Mechanical Engineering at POSTECH, I think that it was the best choice in my life. I hope that you will join the ranks of POSTECH mechanical engineers who are responsible for the future not only of Korea but also of the world. Don’t you want to be the next leader with a heart for the future? The Department of Mechanical Engineering at POSTECH will give you the best stepping stone for you to jump high.
  • Hello, my name is Ji hye Myeong, and I am a sophomore in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Mechanical engineering reminds many people of vehicles and robots. It, however, includes so many other areas.

    The fields the undergraduates learn about are divided into thermal fluids, designs and systems, MEMS, and applied mechanics.

    Undergraduates learn the basic knowledge of the areas mentioned above during their sophomore year and the first semester of the junior year. We do not stop there. We continue to work on design in groups from the second semester of our junior year to the first semester of our senior year to provide hands-on opportunities during the coursework to apply what we learned as sophomores and juniors.

    I believe that one of the best strengths of the Department of Mechanical Engineering is the reliable relationship between professors and students. Students can get advice from their advisor anytime thanks to the advisor system. Our department also has an annual ‘Mechanical Engineering Athletic Meeting’ and ‘Mechanical Engineers’ Night’ that sets the stage for getting together with undergraduates, graduate students and professors.

    The best part of the Mechanical Engineering Department is the free communication between professors and students. The professors pay attention to questions the students have and enable the students to feel free to ask questions and to even have heated discussions during classes. I strongly believe that the discussions filled with the students’ creative thinking and the professors’ expertise is one of the driving forces distinguishing POSTECH’s mechanical engineers.

    Last, our department actively encourages undergraduates to participate in research suitable to POSTECH, since we are a ‘Research centered university’. Most of the undergraduates tend to go to graduate school after their undergraduate courses. I think that experiencing the graduate school life in advance by participating in research is a great help for the direction of formal careers after graduation.

    Plus, most of the technologies designated by the Korean government are Mechanical Engineering-related technology for the next ten years. Judging from that point, mechanical engineering will continue to be of great importance.

    Don’t you want to be the next leader with full heart for the future? The Department of Mechanical Engineering at POSTECH is waiting for your passion to blossom.