Undergraduate Curriculum

POSTECH - Department of Mechanical Engineering

Outline of the Curriculum

Mechanical engineering is the study of the supporting core technology which is necessary for key industries of all countries including: vehicles, steel related industries, energy generating units, aviation and shipbuilding industries. Its importance is seen in technological, social, environmental and economic matters.

Mechanical engineering means the study of design, production and processing of all mechanical factors, interpretation of mechanical systems, and the generation and use of mechanical energy, based on epidemiological knowledge.

Students of the Department of Mechanical Engineering are supposed to have basic course training through the required subjects and to receive more specialized education through the optional courses.

POSTECH education has a vision of nurturing global leaders who lead global trends and future engineering and develop technology. With that vision, POSTECH makes the best use of the most advanced educational facilities and equipment for each subject. The theoretical education, field placement and graduation design helps the students increase their abilities to adapt to the field and develop basic abilities to be global experts in graduate school research work or in the industrial scene.

Double Major/Minor

Completing the Double Major
The students must complete all the required subjects that are open to the Department of Mechanical Engineering.
The credit for the subject required by both majors is counted toward each of the double majors.
Completing the Minor Concentration
The students must complete more than 21 credits from the required major subjects and major selections that are open to the Department of Mechanical Engineering.
The credit for the subject is not double-counted for the major and the minor. It only applies to the minor area of concentration.