Graduate Admission

POSTECH - Department of Mechanical Engineering

2014 Entrance Guide for the Graduate School of Mechanical Engineering

Classification Selection Schedule Other
Preliminary Recruitment Secondary Selection
Document submission completed
May 22 (Wed.) to July 18 (Thur.)
September 3 (Tues.) to October 11 (Fri.)
Reception by Internet
First announcement of successful candidates
July 29 (Mon) to July 31 (Wed)
October 28 (Mon) to October 30 (Wed)
Interview/Major Test
Through August 12 (Mon)
Through November 15 (Fri)
Final announcement of successful candidates
August 22 (Thu)
December 5 (Thu)
Admission in September: August 26 (Mon.) / Admission in March 2014: January 23 (Thur.) to January 27 (Mon.), 2014
Main Facts about Graduate School Entrance
A. Main Research Area ▶ Bio Medical Engineering
▶ Intelligent Robot
▶ Energy/Thermal Fluid Engineering
▶ Design, Manufacturing
B. Selection by Preferred Advisor 1) The students must specify their first, second, and third choice from among the preferred advisors in their research plan and application for admission. The research plan should be carefully written down because it is used for the document review and advisor placement.
2) Please refer to the information about the research area on the website ( of the Department of Mechanical Engineering
C. The combined master’s and doctoral program students are given preferential treatment ▶ To help continue their studies and build young engineers.
→ To nurture global leaders who create new industrial areas by performing research with long term impact
D. PR Program ▶ POSTECH Graduate School Briefing: May 25 (Sat.) (Seoul), Sept. 28 (Sat) (Pohang) * Scheduled
▶ Open Lab: Scheduled in early July / * One night two days, further notice will be given with the schedule particulars
- Content: Professors’ briefing about research areas, Lab Tours, communication with seniors
※ Please refer to the main program on the website ( of the Department of Mechanical Engineering
Main Changes
◆ Entrance exams are provided at two times
◆ The English test was abolished for graduate school and replaced by the POSTECH ITP Test
◆ The effective date of Official English Scores may now be less than 2 years from the application date
* English Test Exemption
A. Official English Score: TOEFL PBT 550(CBT 213, iB T79), TEPS 680, TOEIC 800, IELTS 6th level
B Degree recipients from English speaking universities (New Zealand, the United States, Ireland, Canada, Australia)
C. Students who want associate degrees