Message from the Head

POSTECH - Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is a broad discipline, dealing with basic principles of mechanics, design and manufacturing of all kinds of mechanical systems.

Its scope is extensive, and and its interaction with other disciplines becomes more complex than before due to the rapid advancement in science and technology, ranging from the conventional technology associated with power systems, transportation and manufacturing to nano systems and bio medical systems. The Department of Mechanical Engineering, aimed at excellence in education and research, has been recruiting top quality faculty members and acquiring modern facilities and equipment. The Department will eventually grow to the size of 35 faculty members, 172 undergraduates, and 353 graduate students.

Department of Mechanical Engineering has focused on improving both industrial application technologies and theoretical developments in science and engineering. The Department of Mechanical Engineering was evaluated as the nation's best graduate program in the field of mechanical engineering by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology(MEST), and thus was awarded a seven-year graduate education grant of $1.7 million per year from the Brain Korea 21 Program of MEST in 2006. The department also houses seven National Research Laboratories, all being sponsored by the Ministry of Science & Technology. These numbers are one of the highest among all university divisions or departments in Korea.

Head. Mechanical Engineering Department