POSTECH - Department of Mechanical Engineering

Department Introduction

As a field of study, mechanical engineering has been developed for the design and manufacturing of many kinds of structures, power sources, and power trains. It has a long history of manufacturing power sources and the development of various means of transportation. It is an essential in engineering and is widespread in the field of technology. Mechanical engineering contributes to numerous fields such as: Energy/power sources and transfer units, High efficiency vehicles, Space and ocean exploration, Effective energy use, Environmental/air pollution, Innovative design, Design/production engineering, Artificial organs, Intelligent robots.

Plus, MEMS/NT/BT has also been the main area of new mechanical engineering so that mechanical engineering is being greatly expanded and highly valued. That means that there is no doubt that mechanical engineering will continue to be the base of all industry for production facilities and the equipment industry.

Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that the industrial technology level in each country depends on the mechanical engineering technology level. Nowadays, the importance of mechanical engineering is more crucial for developing new highly-valued products and supporting the necessary technology infrastructure of each nation because of technology self-reliance, technology protectionism, and the globalization trends.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering in POSTECH was established in February, 1986 to meet the needs of the times to build scientists and scientific leaders with innovation and research capability to lead the 21th century high tech scientific technology era. In addition, its main vision was to create academic-industrial cooperation research projects so that the research results would contribute to national industrial development and preparation for the 21th century with its endless competition by developing high-tech technology, nurturing the best human resources and pursuing active research activities.

We have combined new knowledge with new content to the existing curriculum and continued to develop new subjects in order to make the most advanced education possible. As for research, we have scouted professors in new fields to share wide research experiences in a good research environment to create or jointly execute high-tech research.

We are making ongoing efforts to make POSTEC one of the best universities in the world with the superb ratio of professors to students in the developed world, excellent research facilities, a comfortable living environment, excellent and approachable professors, and upgraded research results and along with an outstanding reputation.

Careers and Prospects after Graduation

Mechanical engineering forms the basis of all types of engineering and plays an important role in all industry fields including product development, design, production and process. Therefore, it has pivotal consequences not only for the mechanical industry, but also for civil engineering, construction work, shipbuilding and space aerospace. Plus, all types of industry from the electronic industry, computers and the steel making industry require graduates with a mechanical engineering degree.

POSTECH’s graduates are working to their full capabilities in far-reaching areas from product development, technology development, basic research execution, basic and applied research in research institutes, participation in education as professors, business establishment, national development planning and some have special jobs such as patent lawyers.