Research Overview

POSTECH - Department of Mechanical Engineering

Paper Presentation and Academic Activity

Journal Paper Academic conference paper Sub total Presentation of research results Reports Patent Book Total SCI(E) Papers per professor ∑ IF
Dom Inter Dom Inter Dom Inter Dom Inter
2009 24 114 67 74 279 43 62 7 0 84 3 478 73 3.3 137.2

National laboratory status

Selection Years Head Researcher Projects Other
1999 Mu Hwan Kim   Two-phase Fluid and Phase Change Heat Transfer Explanation Method and Verification Technique Development Completed
2000 Tae Heon Gwon   High-accuracy Optical/micro Accuracy Casting Technique Development Completed
2000 Sang Jun Lee   Advanced Fluid Visibility Technology for Three-dimensional Turbulence Thermal Fluid Explanation Completed
2003 Wan Gyun Jeong   Intelligent Moving Technology Development for Service Robots Completed
2005 Dong Woo Jo   Three-dimensional High Accuracy Bio-artificial Supporter Technology for Biological Tissue reproduction Completed
2006 Sang Jun Lee   Advanced Fluid Visibility Technology Development Completed
2007 Gwan Hyeong Gang   Electric-mechanic-based multi-function Chip Development for Comprehensive Operation of Fine Fluids and Particles Ongoing
2007 Won Gyu Mun   Large Displacement High Accuracy Location Control System Based Technology Ongoing
2008 Jin Won Lee   NANO Pollutant Removal Technology Using High Speed NANO Particle Beams Ongoing
2008 Un Bong Whang   Minimum/hydrophilic Structure Planning and Application Using Nanotechnology Ongoing
2008 Wan Gyun Jeong   Intelligent Robot Research Ongoing
2010 Dong Sik Kim   NANO Process Technology Development Using Liquid Drop Optical Electric Breakdown induction Plasma/micro Flow Ongoing

Innovative Promotion Business Research Group Status

Years Areas Research Heads Research Titles Other
2008 Electric Information and Engineering Basis Sang Jun Lee   Bionic fluid research group Ongoing
2010 Electric Information and Engineering Basis Dong Woo Jo  Rapid Prototyping Based Tissues/organ Printing Research Group Ongoing