POSTECH - Department of Mechanical Engineering

5th Engineering Building

Laboratory Name Phone Number
Professor in Charge Website
Advanced Material & Mechanics Lab. 2838 KiTae Kim go
Materials processing & Integrated Biosystems Lab. 2843 Dong Sung Kim go
Laser Processing & Microscale Heat Transfer Lab. 5385 Dongsik Kim go
Nanoscale Photonics & Integrated Manufacturing Lab. 2187 Junsuk Rho go
Micro & Manufacturing and Multiscale Simulation Lab.


SeongJin Park go
Multiscale Bio Mechanical Engineering Lab. 5494 Jaesung Park go
Micro Structures&Reliability Lab. 2837 Hyunchul Park go
AIntelligent Manufacturing Systems Lab. 5889 Dong-Woo Cho go
Advanced  Composites & Structural  Design  Lab. 5893 Kyungseop Han go
Metal Forming and CAD/CAE Lab. 2885 Sangmoo Hwang go
Nano Structures and Composites System Lab. 2835 Woonbong Hwang go

Mechanical Experiment Building

Laboratory Name Phone Number
Professor in Charge Website
Biomedical Optics and Instrumentation Lab. 5552 Kihean Kim go
Two Phase Flow Lab. 5911 Moohwan Kim go
Immuno-MEMS and Cellular Dynamics Lab. 5555 Junsang Doh go
Rotating Flows Lab. 2833 Jehyun Baek go
Flow Physics and Engineering Lab 0596 Donghyun You go
Bio-fluid and Control Flow Lab. 5902 Sangjoon Lee go
Environmental Thermo-Fluid Engineering Lab. 5553 Jinwon Lee go
Combustion Lab. 2841 KangY Huh go

Intelligent robot research institute

Laboratory Name Phone Number
Professor in Charge Website
MEMS & Nano Technology Lab. 5062 Joonwon Kim go
Vibration and Acoustic Transducers Lab. 8217 Wonkyu Moon go
Nano and BioMEMS Lab. 2913 Geunbae Lim go
Robotics Lab. 2842 Wankyun Chung go