Institute & Center

POSTECH - Department of Mechanical Engineering
Established dates Research Institute and Center Names Head of Institute/Center Staff and Phone Numbers Websites
‘90.04 Advanced Hydraulic Engineering Research Center Sang Jun Lee Sung Hyun Jo, 279-5904 Short cut
‘94.05 Vehicle Electro-Mechanical Research Institute Je Hyun Back Mi Jeong Park, 279-5265 -
‘01.09 Micro Machine Technology Research Institute Won Gyu Moon Ah Hyun Kim, 279-0497 Short cut
‘01.10 Pohang Wind Energy Research Institute Kyung Seop Han - Short cut
‘02.04 Intelligent Robot Research Center Wan Gyun Jeong Un Seon Shin, 279-0473 -
‘06.04 National Defense Micro Specialized Research Center Je Hyun Back Hyo Min Kim, 279-2974 Short cut