Graduate admission

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2018-19 Admissions Timeline

Application Period Result Announcement Semester Begins
First round February 1, 2018 ~ April 24, 2018 (18:00) June 12, 2018 Fall 2018 or Spring 2019
Second round May 1, 2018 ~ October 16, 2018 (18:00) November 27, 2018 Spring 2019

* The timeline is based on Korean Standard Time.

Graduate School Admission Notice

A. Focused Areas of Research ㆍBio Medical Engineering ㆍIntelligent Robot ㆍEnergy/Thermal Fluid Engineering ㆍDesign, Manufacturing
B. Wanted Research Advisor 1) Wanted research advisors (1,2,3) must be stated in both research proposal and admission application, and careful consideration of research proposal is expected it is used as an important data in document evaluation.
2) Refer to Mechanical Engineering Department website ( for information regarding research fields.
C. Special preference to combined master’s and doctorate program ㆍTo foster young engineers and to achieve continuity of studies
ㆍTo foster global leaders creating new areas of industry by conducting long term researches that are influential

Important Changes

- Adjusted admission schedule to three times
- Eliminated graduate school English test: Replaced with POSTECH ITP Test
- Term of validity for official English tests: Within 2 years of application

* English Test Exemption

A. Official test score

550 79 750 6.0 600

B. Degrees from English speaking countries (New Zealand, United States, Ireland, Canada, Australia)

C. POSTECH applicants