포항공과대학교 기계공학과


번호 제목 작성자 날짜 조회수
68 [BK21특별세미나]Prof. KEEKYOUNG KIM(Various Biofabrication Strategies to Fabricate Multiscale Tissue Constructs) 김태영 2023-05-15 80
67 [기계공학세미나_5/17]Prof. Ayoung Kim(SNU)/Robot Localization and Mapping for Autonomous Navigation 김태영 2023-05-15 83
66 [기계공학세미나_5/10]김주희(㈜인벤티지랩, 대표이사)/Drug Development Using Laminar-Fluidigm, a Microfluidic Platform Technology at IVL 김태영 2023-05-09 94
65 [BK21특별세미나]Prof. Markus A. Schmidt(Merging Nanophotonics and Fiber optics: a novel platform for flexible optical shaping and tracking single nano-objects) /5.4(목) 김태영 2023-05-04 75
64 [BK21특별세미나]Prof. Thomas Zentgraf (Nonlinear Optical Metasurfaces:From Enhanced Light-Matter-Interaction to Full Phase Tailoring 김태영 2023-05-02 71
63 [BK21특별세미나]Dr. Andreas Tittl (Metasurface-enhanced biosensing and molecular spectroscopy/4.24(월) 김태영 2023-04-24 84
62 [기계공학세미나_4/19]Prof. Youngjin Choi (Hanyang University ERICA) /Opportunity and Challenge of Space Robotics 김태영 2023-04-19 95
61 [기계공학세미나_4/12장우영 교수(교려대학교 의과대학)/Antibacterial infection and immune-evasive coating for orthopedic implants 김태영 2023-04-12 89
60 [기계공학세미나_4/7]Prof. John A. Rogers(Northwestern University )/Soft, Skin-Interfaced Electronic and Microfluidic Devices for Human Health 김태영 2023-04-04 101
59 [기계공학세미나_3/29]Prof. Jaehong Lee (DGIST) /Fiber-based soft sensors for wearable and biomedical sensing applications 김태영 2023-03-28 85
58 [기계공학세미나_3/22]Prof. Jihwan An(POSTECH) /Design and Manufacturing of High Performance Interfaces in Energy Devices: In the aspect of Mechanical Engineering 김태영 2023-03-20 102
57 [기계공학세미나_3/15]Prof. MinJun Kim(SMU) /Innerspace: Imagine the Universe inside Our Bodies 김태영 2023-03-14 115
56 [기계공학세미나_3/10]Dr. Youngkyu Kim(Hyundai Motor Company)/Physics-Informed Data Assimilation and Data-Driven Reduced Order Model for Digital Twin Applications 김태영 2023-03-06 115
55 [BK21특별세미나]Prof. Daeyoung Kim(Smart Material Liquid Metal Microfluidic Platforms and Its Applications)/2.15(수) 김태영 2023-02-09 125
54 [BK21특별세미나]Dr. Kang Soo Lee(공학적 설계와 플랫폼을 이용한 표적 미생물의 생물학적 물성(physiology) 측정과 분리) 김태영 2023-01-02 140