포항공과대학교 기계공학과


번호 제목 작성자 날짜 조회수
79 [BK21특별세미나] Dr. MOON KEE CHOI(High-resolution flexible and stretchable displays via transfer printing) 김태영 2023-09-19 6
78 [기계공학세미나]9/13 조성호 교수(KAIST 전산학부)/Intention Aware Control of Soft Wearable Hand Robot 김태영 2023-09-13 9
77 2023-2학기 기계공학과 세미나 일정표 공지 김태영 2023-09-06 32
76 [BK21특별세미나] Prof. Jan Torgersen(Technical University of Munich) 김태영 2023-08-10 44
75 [BK21특별세미나]Dr. Jeong Lae Kim(Discovering Spectrally-Optimal Subgrid-scale Models from Data) 김태영 2023-08-01 50
74 [BK21특별세미나]Dr. Heedong Goh(Inverse Design of Dispersion Relation for Controlling Wave Propagation) 김태영 2023-07-12 51
73 [BK21특별세미나]Dr. Seungbeom Noh(Plant damage monitoring sensor incorporating near-zero power operation)/7.7(금) 김태영 2023-07-07 51
72 [기계공학세미나_6/2]Prof. Sang-Gook Kim (MIT) /Systems thinking and AI for Manufacturing 김태영 2023-06-02 71
71 [기계공학세미나_5/31]Prof. Joonsang Kang(KAIST)/Ultrahigh, ultralow, and switchable thermal conductivity in solid 김태영 2023-05-31 59
70 [기계공학세미나_5/24]Dr. HEEJIN CHOI (Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology)/Visualizing intact brain using optical imaging techniques 김태영 2023-05-22 82
69 [BK21특별세미나]Prof. KEEKYOUNG KIM, Prof. Simon S. Park(University of Calgary) /5.16(화) 김태영 2023-05-16 60
68 [BK21특별세미나]Prof. KEEKYOUNG KIM(Various Biofabrication Strategies to Fabricate Multiscale Tissue Constructs) 김태영 2023-05-15 54
67 [기계공학세미나_5/17]Prof. Ayoung Kim(SNU)/Robot Localization and Mapping for Autonomous Navigation 김태영 2023-05-15 60
66 [기계공학세미나_5/10]김주희(㈜인벤티지랩, 대표이사)/Drug Development Using Laminar-Fluidigm, a Microfluidic Platform Technology at IVL 김태영 2023-05-09 69
65 [BK21특별세미나]Prof. Markus A. Schmidt(Merging Nanophotonics and Fiber optics: a novel platform for flexible optical shaping and tracking single nano-objects) /5.4(목) 김태영 2023-05-04 59