포항공과대학교 기계공학과


번호 제목 작성자 날짜 조회수
29 [BK21특별세미나]Dr. Virginie PONSINET(CRPP)/4.12(화) 김태영 2022-04-12 256
28 [기계공학세미나_4/13]Prof.Tae-Eun Park(UNIST)"Understanding of tissue barriers in health and disease using micro-physiological system" 김태영 2022-04-12 374
27 [기계공학세미나_4/8]Dr.Sunghee Yun(Gauss Labs)"Time-series Machine Learning and its Applications in Manufacturing" 김태영 2022-04-06 332
26 [기계공학세미나_3/30]Prof. Han Eol Lee(Jeonbuk National University)"Wearable Electronic Systems via Inorganic Semiconductor Materials" 김태영 2022-03-29 309
25 [BK21특별세미나]Dr. Philippe Lalanne(CNRS)/3.24(목) 김태영 2022-03-24 311
24 [기계공학세미나_3/23]Dr. Yongmin Kim(KIST)"Development of Chemical Hydride-based Hydrogen Storage System" 김태영 2022-03-21 306
23 [ME Short Course Series_3/17]Prof. Mark Brongersma(Stanford University)"Flat Optics for Dynamic Wavefront Manipulation and Mixed Reality Eyewear" 김태영 2022-03-15 587
22 [기계공학세미나_3/16]설지혜 변호사(법무법인 화우)"엔터테인먼트법 실무" 김태영 2022-03-14 384
21 [기계공학세미나_220223]Prof. Joonwon Kim (POSTECH) "Development of Advanced Dynamic Angio Model (ADAM) Simulator & Optical-fiber-integrated Microfluidic Device (OFI-MD)" 김태영 2022-02-21 302
20 [기계공학세미나_12/8_10:00a.m.]Prof. Minkyun Noh(The University of British Columbia)"Mechatronic solutions for electrification 2.0" 김태영 2022-01-03 307
19 [ME Short Course Series_Tip-based vibrational spectroscopy for nanoscale material identification and analysis_11.18~12.9]Prof. Keunhan Park(University of Utah) 김태영 2022-01-03 338
18 [BK21특별세미나 ] Prof. Sung Hoon Kang(Johns Hopkins University) Bioinspired multifunctional materials with self-adaptable mechanical properties and architected materials with adaptive energy absorption 김태영 2022-01-03 292
17 [ME Short Course Series_11/19]Prof. Yu Sun(University of Toronto)"Micro-NanoRobotics:from Robotic Cell Surgery to Intracellular Manipulation" 김태영 2022-01-03 294
16 [기계공학세미나_11/10]Prof. Sangwook Park(Seoul National University)"Development of Energy Conversion Materials for Green Hydrogen Mass Production by Water Splitting" 김태영 2022-01-03 382
15 [ME Short Course Series_11/8]Prof. Pedro M. Reis(EPFL)"A Virtual lab tour of the Flexible Structures Laboratory at EPFL" 김태영 2022-01-03 273